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Tidal Treasures’ designs are unique and elegant, carrying an earthy quality which is rough and unstructured much like a coastline, speaking of their inspiration in nature. We create one-of-a-kind and limited production handmade wampum jewelry.

With a love of the ocean and nature as inspiration our original designs combine the elements and textures of nature to design and create wearable works of art that embrace the individual’s independent personality. Each piece of wampum has its own unique design that shows itself through the tumbling process.

All of the quahog shells and pieces are collected from the beaches of New England.Through a long ongoing process of trial and error we have developed a process of tumbling and polishing quahog shells, much like the gentle process of the sea. It takes from 4 to 8 weeks to prepare the pieces of wampum to create Tidal Treasures Wampum jewelry.
We have always felt a special bond and fondness to Native Americans, therefore the history of wampum, its uses and its great value to East Coast Native American tribes help inspire the entire collection.

We take great pleasure in matching our  jewelry to the individual, understanding the pleasure of putting on that special piece and feeling it resonate emotionally, artistically and personally.