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Wampum is made from the quahog clam shell and its use dates back over 4000 years.

It was used by east coast Native Americans for special ceremonies such as engagements and weddings.  It was also used as adornment, as a medium of exchange and traded with the pilgrims for commodities, food and clothing.

Wampum is very sacred to the Native Americans and their culture due to the time and effort it takes to create each bead and piece of jewelry. Purple wampum held higher status than white wampum. Wampum became known as the Natives badge of wealth and position. If one carried wampum, it was believed to be one’s passport to the spirit world.

All of the wampum I use for this jewelry was handpicked from New England beaches and crafted to create unique, one of a kind treasures. Each piece is put through a long tumbling, smoothing  and polishing process that takes several weeks to complete.